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Using W3KM software in SP DX Contest

W3KM is another contest logger supporting SP DX Contest operation. This software works in Windows operating system and is simple to use. It does not control transceiver COM ports but it is possible to send CW messages. However if you are not used to transceiver control operation and you don't want count your score manually after the contest W3KM logger will be suitable for you. It can generate Cabrillo output file. It is also posiible to input all the data after the contest and generate the file if you are going to use paper logging during the contest. W3KM loger has excellent contextual help.

You can download the W3KM logger from the page of the author:

Starting the contest operation

After running the W3KM logger you will see the first screen:

Using this screen you enter all the basic data: your call, name, address, category, UTC offset etc. There is no need to input data into all fields for SP DX Contest. You eneter data manually and in some fields you must use pull-down menus. After entering data to all necessary fields press Continue button - logging screen appears.

Here you can choose the log file (if you are starting operation after the break) or start a new log. If you are running the logger for the first time you must choose the contest type. To do this choose File->New Contest.

Choose SP DX Contest from the list and press Continue. Now it is a good time to save the log. So choose File->New filename and gove the name for your log file. Please note that on the logging screen there are two options: Real time and After contest. If you are in REAL TIME mode you can't enter date or time manually.

We checked the a good thing is to choose the following option from the menu QSO Acc->Auto: in this mode after pressing ENTER QSO is logged (if all necessary information is enetered).

After the contest, to generate Cabrillo file use Log - > Write ASCII Log from the menu. Always remember to check your Cabrillo file before sending out to the Contest Committee.

W3KM contest logger has very good HELP files so to learn more about using it just download the software and read the author's notes.