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VK3AVV Software (VKCL)

Mike VK3AVV created a VKCL - a software which supports also SP DX Contest. Thanks to SLawek VK3CTN for help.

VK3AVV's website to downolad the VKCL software

After running the EXE file from the downloaded archive you will see a Wizard which will guide you through the setup process. No need to describe it here in details as it is a standard setup known from many other programs.

After installing the software just run it from your "Start" manu. You will see the following screen:

The very first thing to do is to select the folder for your contest files. Next choose the contest name and category from drop-down lists. Set you contest call and other necessary data.

In the end save the configuration using the "Save Config" button. After that you are transferred to the logging screen. Here you just type in the calls and received reports. Using the available options you can also switch between modes and bands. Logging process and VKCL interface are very user-friendly so you can easy lear how to use it. Additionally you always can use very well wrtitten HELP available on all screens.

After the contest you must generate an Cabrillo file. To do this press "View Log". You will see the following screen.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen generate your files. You can generate a Cabrillo file (for the Contest Committee) or ADIF file (to import it then to your favourite every-day logger). When generating a Cabrillo file you must give some necessary data like your name, address etc.

For sure the VKCL is easy to use, clear and user-friendly. It is worth trying.